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If you suspect there is mold in your home, don’t wait, call ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning to provide an instant onsite assessment. InstaScope® provides airborne mold detection allowing you to take action quickly if elevated mold levels are found. Our restoration professionals will provide testing room by room to help locate potentially harmful mold. If mold is found, our mold remediation crew will evaluate your home to find the source and eradicate the mold once and for all.

What is the Science Behind InstaScope®?

InstaScope® uses technology originally developed for detecting biological aerosols and optical detection. It can detect and identify particles individually like a microscope and then applies an algorithm to analyze the results.

Mold doesn’t contain itself in the area where moisture is present, it can grow anywhere including drywall, HVAC system, foundation, roof, and furnishings.

Mold also can be dangerous to your health as well including asthma, headaches, breathing difficulties, and skin irritation.

With InstaScope®, we can help bring peace of mind with our airborne mold-assessment system. No one else can deliver immediate room-by-room results. Not only can InstaScope® detect mold but results can also differentiate the following:

  • Normal airborne mold levels (no treatment required)
  • Elevated airborne mold levels that do require mitigation.
  • Higher airborne mold levels and an active source (requires targeted remediation)

With no disruption to your family, InstaScope® can put all your worries to ease with our quick and instant mold detection system. Call today to schedule your appointment.