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866recover “Where getting you back in business IS our business

Wherever You Are, We’re There Too

ServiceMaster understands that damage to business facilities for an extended period of time can be frightening, and the amount of time it takes you to respond to a disaster directly affects the severity of the loss. What is a way to quickly receive the services you need? Our answer is 866 RECOVER®. This program is a FREE service created for commercial properties that focus on pre-planning for disasters before they occur.

The goal is to help businesses recover more quickly, as each day lost to damage is a day of business lost. Our program allows commercial properties to pre-qualify for ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning, which ultimately allows us to take immediate action to mitigate and restore any property affected by a disaster in your business.

866 RECOVER includes a disaster plan that keeps you prepared, regardless of the circumstance. Your local 866 RECOVER® representative provides your business with our pre-loss planning guide, along with highlighting other materials to help you prepare a contingency plan for your property. He or she will also explain our customer protocol, which helps us become familiar with your specific needs. This contingency plan allows us to better understand what you expect in the event that we need to quickly recover your business property.

Upon enrolling in 866 RECOVER®, you can dial 1-866-RECOVER (732-6837), mention your property name or account number, and speak with a representative to receive necessary services. If you are interested in learning more, please call Jared Yoakum at (509) 452-8906, or you can email him at jyoakum@smcleanyakima.com.

866 RECOVER® Clients Receive:

  • 27Priority service over non-866 RECOVER® accounts
  • A personalized pre-loss guide to help prepare before clients’ businesses are interrupted by disaster.
  • Main water shut-off tags to attach to every shut-off valve per location, including a local number to call in case of water damage.
  • Our 866 price list (at industry standards) that are agreed upon the time of enrollment to control costs to your business.
  • Magnets, window decals and stickers for your electrical panels, phones or anywhere you wish to show that client’s business is covered by 866-RECOVER.

The Right Call When Things Go Wrong

One call to 1-866-RECOVER provides fast and easy access to ServiceMaster Clean Commercial Restoration Services. We have over 50 years of leadership in the restoration industry, and our vast coverage with localized responses allow you direct access to the resources of a reliable, international company. Coupled with this, we also value lasting relationships, personal contact and high standards that you should expect from a local company.

If you are a property manager, contact us to learn more about our monthly fliers addressing different kinds of disaster prevention. These fliers are usable for your own advertising purposes – our goal is to aid you in any way we can.